Lexmark Print Reporting

Track and Report Print Usage in Corporate

Jan, 2018- May, 2018

Lexmark's business is image solutions and services. As the company leadership changes, it tries to shift its business model from just a printer selling company to a SaaS company that provides print management as a service. During my 3-month internship, I worked in the software design team, creating web app prototypes for Lexmark cloud 1.2 dashboard and print usage report.

Dashboard Design

I started with Dashboard, as the design was partially finished by previous designer and has high priority as it needs to be shipped in 2 months. While most of the feature skeleton were there, interactions were not defined.

Change View

Add Card

Edit Card

Delete Card


Most of my time was spent on reporting app. User can be re-directed to it from dashboard. Reporting view and conetent is role-based. Since Lexmark customers are usually large enterprises that have multiple branches in different regions, understanding who are the users and their relationship is key to the design. I worked with PM to map out the relationship.

Print Reporting Users

Reporting app has 3 types of users: partner admin, org admin and end user. Lexmark partner company can have more tools, and support from Lexmak. Within each partner company, they can have their own customer companies. In each of the company, there always exist 2 types of users, organization admin (OA) and end user (EU). Besides these 2 role, there’s a 3rd type of users which we call it partner admin (PA). This users are admins who work at partner company.

I created flow chart to visualize role-based access relationship.

PA access: Organization level print usage only

OA access: department, group, and a specific users’ data within the organization

EU access: personal print usage and history

Five scenarios, each have certain roles

Logical navigation mapped out for each role in each scenario

Print Reporting Design

Report needs be generated at organization, group, department and user level. Altogether, there are 16 reports designed to show print usage detail, activity summary, job activity, submitted job activity, print job history.


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