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Customer Delight

Miscellaneous Projects to Improve User Experience

Journey Map.png

May, 2019- Oct, 2019

Consumption Journey

This is a collaborative research project with 3 designers, aiming to understand the entire Nutanix consumption journey and frictions in each phase. I took the initiative of driving direction. This started from interviewing internal stakeholders, to delivered storyboard and journey map and present findings. This helps the team and upper management to figure out priority and make next-step plan.

Help .png

In-product Help

 I was given the request of providing links to 3 KB articles in product, as some customers call support before an update and ask for general information on how to update. Those KBs are long and difficult to understand. Instead of simply providing a re-direct link, I created a 1-page help guide with minimum viable content.

Sept, 2019

Storage consumption (instance) 3.png

Object Storage Analytics

A work in progress project to show storage consumption for object storage. Different from cloud object storage where service providers own and maintain data centers, Nutanix’s objects store runs on top of users’ own data center. This means users have a strong need to monitor storage consumption. If an object store instance is over using data center’s storage capacity, an admin will receive alerts, and then configure policies to manage lifecycle of stored data. 

Oct, 2019


A submission for Stanford Center on Longevity design challenge, I worked with Yuki Zhang, Tian Song and Sanchit Soni from conducting user research, ideation to come up with prototype. The design is a wearable wrist band for elderly and a monitoring app for caregiver.  

Oct, 2016- Dec, 2016

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