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Desktop Note-taking Tool

Brief: I spent the summer interning at Chegg. I worked on websites and desktop web app. Chegg Study is one of Chegg’s keynote products that provide textbook solutions and expert Q&A. I added book and chapter level ratings to textbook solutions page to increase SEO. I also designed a new desktop product Study Guide to help students highlight and organize content online to study for their exams.

My role: Ideation, Sketching, Prototyping with Sketch & Principle, Deliver to Engineer



Chegg currently has question level rating. However, in order to have search resutls  displayed on Google’s search page, there needs to be chapter level and book level ratings. Design style of the new reating information needs to be consistent with the question level rating.



Study Guide is a project that builds upon Chegg Study’s business strategy that it is expanding to provide more learning services to college students. Since students are already consuming content from Chegg Study, providing a tool for them to highlight and organize the content would help students to better learn and potentially increase Chegg Study’s retention rate. 

2017 Summer @


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