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A Glance on Few Other Selected Work 

Misc Projects

Live SQL

A Re-design of Oracle's Live SQL, online SQL fiddling tool, used primarily by college students and professors for education.

Sharded Database

Sharded database is a new service designed from scratch. Configuring shards for a sharded DB is a complex workflow, particularly when there's multiple sharding methods, and standby DBs involved.

In this project, I used a map to show shards and statuses so it helps with giving transparency when there are large number of shards across the globe.

Oracle Exadata Database Visualization

I I worked with PM to enhance resource usage display on one of Oracle's DB services. Visualization is added in a few places, so DB admins can take a glance and get an idea of which resource requires attention.

Reddit Design System- Unsolicited Side Project

I took an online class on Design System from The New School, Parsons School of Design in 2021. Picking Reddit as a product to practice, I looked into a few existing workflows, and re-imagined a new design system.


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